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About us

Peter Kennedy

Peter is a social worker who has worked mainly in the areas of homelessness and addictions,before moving into end of life care in 2002. In 2008 he developed a palliative care service within St Mungo’s homeless charity, and was Palliative Care Co-ordinator up to 2016. Peter is also a mindfulness based teacher, with an MSc in mindfulness based approaches. He is the main author of this toolkit


Dr Caroline Shulman 

Caroline is a clinician and researcher in Homeless and Inclusion Health. She is clinical lead for a hospital homeless Pathway team at Kings College Hospital and has worked as a GP providing primary care in a specialist homeless practice for many years.Caroline is a Pathway research Fellow and honorary senior lecturer at UCL, London. Caroline was the Principal Investigator of the UK’s largest research project exploring palliative care for homeless people.


Dr Briony Hudson

Briony is a Health Psychologist, a Pathway research fellow and research associate at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research department at UCL, London. Briony has been the lead researcher on a large research study exploring the challenges to palliative care for people experiencing homelessness, for which she won the 2018 UCL Excellence in Health Research Award for early career researchers.

 Niamh Brophy

Niamh Brophy is the Palliative Care Coordinator for St Mungo’s homeless charity. Niamh supports residents who are vulnerably housed or in temporary accommodation who have advanced ill health, working to ensure they receive care that best meets their needs. Niamh also develops and delivers training to frontline staff, health and social care professionals to raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness. Niamh also works as a therapist with a special interest in trauma, and its impact on recovery and wellbeing.


How to cite this toolkit 

Please use this reference if citing this toolkit

Kennedy, P, Hudson, B.F, Shulman, C. & Brophy, N (2018). A toolkit for supporting homeless people with advanced ill health. accessed at:www.homelesspalliativecare.com


Huge thanks to our research collaborators; Pathway, The Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department at UCL, The Oak Foundation and St Mungo’s for all of their help and support.

Most importantly we would also like to thank everyone who shared their time, insights and experiences with us by taking part in the research.

The development of this toolkit was funded by a grant from the UCL Innovation and enterprise HEIF Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund and Marie Curie.

The research upon which this toolkit is based was funded by a grant from The Oak Foundation with support from Pathway, Marie Curie and the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department at UCL.


Our research

Challenges to palliative care access for people experiencing homelessness 

Why are conversations about the future and health choices so hard? 

A systematic review of the literature around palliative care and homelessness

Evaluation of training developed for hostel staff around supporting clients with deteriorating health